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Here we are discussing about things to remember before writing a research paper. Whenever we start with our research paper writing work first thing comes is our motive behind the research work. The ordinary and the most common way adopted by the authors is collecting data from different journals and writing it in their own words to have no worries of plagiarism issues. But this procedure makes the readers of research papers feel yarn at the time of reading the content served by the author.

According to various surveys and feedback’s of readers, a research paper should be a very simplified document containing the relevant information of research area with appropriate and focusing points to encourage the readers to read the research paper till the end lines. Also the research papers should deliver the passion and thoughts of author with required study of research gaps to make the research criterion understandable.

How to initiate writing a research paper:

  • Collecting required research papers from different reputed journals ( ScienceDirectIEEEElsevier )
  • Identify the research areas of authors, their working methodology and outcomes with future significance.
  • Find the Research Gaps to have the proper problem statement for your research area with scopes of work.
  • Listing the research gaps and procedures to overcome the problems or fulfilling the research gaps.
  • Use simple English with proper grammar.
  • Arranging the content of research paper with proper citations and referencing styles.
  • Finally Mention the suitable conclusion for your identified problem with expected scope of work to be carried out in the further direction.


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