Remove Plagiarism from thesis

How To Remove Plagiarism From Thesis?

Are you among the same students who go on having questions to remove plagiarism from thesis? If yes, then you are in the right place. There are many students who have many questions regarding.

Moreover, That’s one thing every student should know. Because thesis writing is not as easy as many think like simply copy-paste other’s work and it’s ready. No, it’s not because it demands a well-researched plus original content. But, either accidentally or in the haste to complete it faster, one may forget about writing a plagiarized-free content.

Don’t worry if you do the same. Just follow these steps and your thesis or report will be plagiarized free and unique.

Ways To Remove Plagiarism

Use A Proper Citation

No matter how hard you try to keep the content unique and original, some findings will match. To avoid this, keep a well-organized track or record of your findings. Doing this will help you easily go through all the sources you have used whenever you want to.

Giving proper credits to the original authors will also help you remove plagiarism from thesis. So, keep a dedicated section in your report mentioning the original authors of the findings.

Know The Difference Between Quote And Paraphrase

Paraphrasing and quoting are the two methods of sharing someone else’s ideas or facts in your thesis or report. But very few know when to paraphrase and when to quote. Moreover, there is a difference between the two and using the right one is very important to keep text plagiarism-free.

Quoting- when you copy a piece of information and write it in your own words, use quotation and mention the author’s name. In simple words, you present information by rephrasing the original content but the essence is not lost.

Paraphrase- Here you don’t copy instead explain the information completely in your own words. Paraphrasing gives you more flexibility as you can change the order and structure of the information. However, the text should not be completely similar to the original one.

So, which one to use? Paraphrasing, because it allows you to write the text in your own words even though the meaning or idea behind the text comes from another author.

Remove Plagiarism From Thesis Online

Even after following the above tips, the originality of content makes you worry. Thus, you still want to know how to remove plagiarism from thesis? Online plagiarism software will be the best option.

A lot of software is available online to remove plagiarism from thesis. However, not all are worthy to find a reputable one that gives you accurate results. Using them is pretty easy.

Simply upload your document (you can even paste the URL of the word document) and run the software. The plagiarism checker will go through each statement of your thesis. It will compare it with all other sources with similar content or topic on the internet.

This can take some time depending upon the length of your content, so be patient. After a complete analysis, your report will be shown on the screen. Usually, it would be in the terms of score or percentage.

If you get a 100 percent score, congratulations! Your content is original. But, if your score is poor i.e. less than 90 or 85, you need to re-work on your report. All the plagiarized content that matches from other sources would be marked by the software.

So, it would be easy for you to know where to put efforts. Simply change that content and re-check it for remove plagiarism from thesis. Some may get a 100 score in one attempt whereas others have to check it again and again. It all depends on your writing style.

Hope now you have understood how to remove plagiarism from thesis. So, get ready to make your content unique every time. We at academic guru are providing you with 24×7 services to make your content plagiarism-free.

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