PhD synopsis

PhD Synopsis-An up gradation to your career.

Hey scholar,  bit confused about what is PhD  Synopsis? So, in simple and easy-to-understand language PhD Synopsis generally means the predetermined plan of your research. It also acts as a blueprint for your Ph.D. research.  It provides you an idea of how to make a research paper and what all things you should keep in mind while making your research paper.

PhD synopsis

Format of PhD Synopsis -

The creation of PhD synopsis of  is generally divided into three parts. So, hold on your breath, take a notebook, and a pen to jot down the main points to make your research paper look attractive and informative –

Cover Page – which is also known as the facing page and includes the following things like the title of your thesis, author, department, month, and year of submission. The main point which you should keep in mind while making your cover page is that it should be made in special quality paper, for example like plastic-coated paper.

Inner Cover Page – this paper contains all the contents the same as the cover page but should be printed on ordinary A4 size bond paper.

Content – while creating a synopsis of a Ph.D. it is very important to follow the proper format.

The following is the layout of PhD synopsis

Introduction – your introduction should contain a brief background of your topic and should reflect what your research is all about. It should clearly state the purpose of your research and should catch the attention of the reader. By reading the introduction the reader must get an idea about your research.

Literature review – in the literature review you need to write about previous researches with the title and author of the research in the context of your research title.

Research methodology – under this you need to mention the source from which you have collected your data. Generally, there are two sources i.e. primary data collection, and secondary data collection. In primary data collection, you collect the information by yourself in the form of a questionnaire, personal interview, and telephonic interview. Whereas, in the secondary method of data collection you collect data from various journals, newspapers, internet, magazines, etc.

Data analysis and Interpretation – under this you need to mention the data you have collected and then you need to analyze it using a suitable statistical tool. After analyzing it you need to interpret the data in your language.

Conclusion – under this head you need to give a solution to your research problem or in other words you need to conclude your research.

General instructions for Ph.D. Synopsis

So, your wait is now over, and you also gained enough knowledge about Ph.D. Synopsis. So the researcher, get ready and create the best research paper which is an effective up-gradation to your career.

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