Mechanical Engineering Latest Research Topics of 2017-2018

Latest Research Topics of 2017-2018 for Thermal Engineering, Advanced Production Engineering, Machine Design, Industrial Design and Management. Select Any of the below topics to work with new scope of work (Validation with papers of reputed journals like Science Direct, Elsevier and Scopus etc)

  1. Design & fabrication of pulverizer for non-ferric alum.
  2. Analysis of resonance of a surface grinder.
  3. Design and analysis of base-plate of centrifugal pump.
  4. FEM analysis of a belt conveyor driving drum.
  5. Analysis of cube sugar drying in a convective dryer.
  6. Static and dynamic response of a centrifugal blower impeller using FEA.
  7. Optimization of centrifugal pump impeller outlet vane angle by using modal analysis.
  8. Linear static and dynamic analysis of impeller type centrifugal pump with different materials.
  9. CFD simulation of fixed bed dryer by using porous media concepts: unpeeled longan case.
  10. CFD simulation for tray dryer optimization.
  11. Performance improvement of vacuum pump through CFD analysis.
  12. Analysis of flow through solar dryer duct using CFD.
  13. Analysis & design improvement in existing dryer used for (pulses) to achieve maximum heat transfer rate.
  14. Optimization of developed multipurpose food dryer using ansys.
  15. A CFD analysis of air flow in a stationary drum partially filled with solid material.
  16. Numerical simulation of turbulent heat transfer in industrial drying processes.
  17. Design and analysis of helical spring in two wheeler suspension system using finite element method.
  18. Developmental design and optimization of steering knuckle with integrated spindle.
  19. Design, modelling and analysis of helical gear pair using ansys and agma standards for calculating a bending and contact stress on gear profiles.
  20. Analysis of dynamic characteristics of the main shaft system in a hydro-turbine based on ansys.
  21. Structure analysis of planetary pipe cutting machine based on ansys.
  22. Modal analysis of thin aluminium plate
  23. CFD simulation of wind effects on industrial RCC chimney.
  24. Experimental and numerical thermal analysis of formula student racing car disc brake design.
  25. Thermal analysis of oil pipeline coatings.
  26. Enhancement in design and thermal analysis of disc brake rotor.
  27. Design modification and thermal analysis of ic engine fin.
  28. Thermal analysis of a diesel piston with different material parameter.
  29. Design and thermal analysis of disc brake for minimizing temperature.
  30. Thermal analysis on cylinder head of SI engine using FEM.
  31. Thermal analysis of pin fin with different shape forms using ansys.
  32. Experimental study and cfd analysis of thermal performance improvement of car radiator by mgo/water nanofluid.
  33. Design, Modeling, and CFD analysis of a micro hydro pelton turbine runner.
  34. CFD analysis of a decay tank and a siphon breaker for an innovative integrated passive safety system for a research reactor.
  35. Design and CFD analysis of liquid ring vacuum pump.
  36. Design, analysis and optimization of 10 ton hydraulic pressing machine.
  37. Design, analysis and development of hydraulic scissor lift.
  38. Material optimization and analysis of cryogenic pressure vessel using FEA.