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Know-How to remove plagiarism

Know-How to remove plagiarism

Plagiarism means ‘wrongful appropriation’ or ‘close imitation’ of an author’s ‘language, thoughts, ideas or expressions’. This can happen without intention and have the only solution that is rewriting. There are various guidelines that universities prescribe for citation of work, whenever you are referring to someone else’s work or using a definition. Making sure that you have the right citation and format style is essential to save your dissertation from getting plagiarized and you will came to know how to remove plagiarism.

“Scientific fraud, plagiarism, and ghost writing are increasingly being reported in the news media, creating the impression that misconduct has become a widespread and omnipresent evil in scientific research.”

Heinrich Rohrer

A plagiarism removal service becomes critical when you have used several references, or are studying a pre-existing research work. Academic Guru provides services for not just writing original research papers, but also to check for plagiarism in dissertation and thesis written by you. We use the best of tools like Turnitin to catch any traces of copying. It can very well be accidental, as the detailed research paper can have some parts or language that matches matter used elsewhere. Our plagiarism removal services are comprehensive and we rely on multiple checks to make sure there is no trace of uncertainty when we deliver you the research. We also provide you a report for the check conducted, free of cost with and advantage of helping you to know how to remove plagiarism.

It is not just a check of the language that we conduct. We also check the formatting style, research methodology and analytical tools. After all, these aspects can also amount to plagiarism. Especially when creating a technical work document. This is only to help you  know how to remove plagiarism.

There are various software available in the market for plagiarism check. Among them some are freely available on online mediums and some comes with a paid package. Among them few well known plagiarism checking software are:

TURNITIN : It is known to be the best plagiarism available in the market and is used by most of the educational institutions. The developer company of turnitin has huge data base of content and not a single line can go out of their reach. It gives perfect idea of unique and plagiarized content in a detailed format containing the sources of plagiarized content as well. According to me it is the best software for plagiarism checking purpose.

URKUND : It is another plagiarism checking software mostly purchased by academic institutions for plagiarism checking purpose. In India Universities affiliated to UGC also refers their student to check their thesis and research papers in urkund before submitting them to universities. It is also a huge data base software mostly used by PhD Scholars for checking plagiarism in their document.

PLAGIARISM CHECKER X : This is also another plagiarism checking software used by various research paper publishing agencies and students for checking their academic documents. It has comparatively less data base when compared to turnitin and urkund. But as it is easily available in low cost is the first choice of research scholars.

The main important thing for removing plagiarism after checking it in above mentioned or some other software is that plagiarism can not be removed by using any technique or some software it can be only checked using software but for removing it one needs to understand the content and completely rewrite it in its own language. Rewriting the content in own language is the only option to have plagiarism free content.

So would suggest every scholar to give complete dedication to their research work and write their content in their own language to have plagiarism free content with easy and hassle free submissions.

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