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Academic Guru provides Dissertation Writing Services to MTech, ME, MBA and MS Masters scholars. Our Easy to track fast dissertation writing service help you to complete your project thesis or dissertation work with no delay and problems. Academic Guru works according to the university or college requirements and develops M.Tech Thesis or Dissertation, ME Thesis or Dissertation, Masters Thesis or Dissertation keeping all the parameters in mind. We have a qualified team of professional academic writers and engineers for every field that provides research guidance of MTech thesis support.

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Dissertation Writing Services

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We employ only professional dissertation writers with university degrees from the India, US and UK. Our experts are experienced dissertation and thesis writers. Our Dissertation Writing Services is helping various scholars throughout the world to complete their dissertation on time.

Our writers maintain the highest level of proficiency in many subject areas and have full-access to academic, scientific, and internet resources.

All thesis papers and dissertations are custom-written.

Our dissertation-writing services are competitively priced, offering the absolute best quality for the price. We put the same pride, time, and effort in each and every order, whether it is a complete dissertation, reference, or just proofreading.

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Academic Guru Provides Unique Custom Dissertation writing services for students and scholars persuing MBA Course. Our Dissertation Writing Services Includes, Synopsis Writing on the selected topic, Data Collection, Software based analysis, Documentation, Plagiarism Report etc.

Here at Academic Guru we provide end to end assistance for engineering dissertation of various fields like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Civil Engineering etc.

Philosophy is an unique field where various ideas and thoughts come together to form an study. We convert all these thoughts to form a dissertation for the research scholars pursuing degree in philosophy stream. 

Academic Guru Provides dissertation writing services for Law pursuing students.  Our Services includes detailed survey of literature from the previously performed studies and there conclusions.          

Our Computer Science Dissertation includes implementations using various software tools, its documentation, plagiarism removal, proper formatting and referencing.

Academic Guru provides in-depth documentation of dissertation in the field of nursing dissertation. Scholars can hire us for writing there nursing dissertation with complete satisfaction.

English Literature dissertation involves the study of various poets, writers and other aspects of day to day life. Here at academic guru we are consistently assisting students and scholars of literature field to complete their dissertation in limited time duration.

Our PhD Holder experts assists the students of educational field who are pursuing their research in the field of education. We commit 100% Success in the field of education dissertation.

Criminology is an emerging field of research where a lot of research has been prevailing these days. Scholars can avail the assistance from us for completing their criminology dissertation within deadlines.  

Academic Guru works with a team of experts in the field of accounting to enable the students or research scholars submit their dissertation in limited time duration and achieve high grades.

Human Resource is also an emerging field in the research direction where a lot of research is being conducted on regular basis. These researches involves various factors like perceptions, satisfaction, needs and many other parameters. We assist human resource scholars in dissertation writing with end to end supports.

Academic Guru provides sociology dissertation writing services for students pursuing their degree in India, USA, UK and other countries of the world. Our services includes complete documentation without any plagiarism issues.

Academic Guru Assists the scholars of management field in solving there data analysis problems using different analytics softwares. our assistance includes the assistance for both qualitative as well as quantitative studies. 

Dissertation Writing Services Includes Documentation comprises of

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Every dissertation features an introduction. This sets out the basic information about the dissertation and the aims and objectives for the work. Here, you tell the reader what the work is about, and why you are completing it.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review

Packed with references, the literature review is a key chapter in almost all types of dissertation: in some, it can form almost the entire piece of work. Literature reviews go through all of the existing books, websites and journals related to your topic, identify key themes which occur and ascertain a ‘gap’ in the existing research.

Chapter 3 – Methodology

The methodology chapter discusses your plans for research; it can be one of the trickiest chapters to complete, and it is vital to achieving a high mark. The purpose of this chapter is to establish what you want to find out and how you are going to do it. Deciding between primary or secondary research is the most important decision in the writing process – from there, you can decide what type of research you want to carry out. From gathering questionnaires and analysing the results statistically, to reviewing existing research and drawing conclusions, our professional writing service can help you.

Chapter 4 – Results & Analysis

Once you’ve decided on how you’re going to conduct the research for your dissertation, you will need to explore and analyse the results you yield. This section – sometimes two separate chapters – goes through everything you have discovered during the writing of the dissertation. This section may require complicated statistical analysis, or the creation of graphs and tables to display your data (depending on the discipline of your work).

Chapter 5 – Discussion & Conclusion

These are usually the final chapter(s) of a dissertation. The discussion will summarise in detail what you have learned in completing the dissertation. Alongside this, you may also explore future opportunities to develop your research, and look at things that went wrong during the writing and research.

Extras & Other Assistance

In addition to the traditional dissertation chapters, we can also help with many other ‘extras’ that you may require. For example, abstracts are a common requirement – this is a short summary of the entire dissertation. Designing research methods can also be very difficult, so our writers can create interview questions or sample questionnaires to assist you in designing great research.

Dissertation Writing Services

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