Why the dissertations get rejected when the content writing companies are creating them??

While conversation with various scholars who have successfully completed their PhD I found the main reason of Why the dissertations get rejected and the proper attention that should be taken into account for the dissertations to fail is the not being there of the professional tutoring, and there being a sad quality of dissertation writing services. As per some or specific interviews in leading colleges, the chances of failure of approval of Ph.D. thesis goes from 10-12 % of the candidates for each assignment. According to professionals, there is a need for 1-2-1 guidance by the dissertation writing companies who should be Ph.D. holders. There should be a purpose to the dissertation. Why content writers who are not doctorate holders fail are because they are found answerable for borrowed content. The procedure followed by the content writer should be appealing to the student. Most of the scholars after acquiring the services from various reputed agencies fails to complete their degree as they genuinely don’t know about the reasons behind why the dissertations get rejected.

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Why Guidance by PhD Holder is must

For finding the logical answer to the question of why the dissertations get rejected scholars should get some PhD holders as their mentor for their complete work. The guidance of a PhD holder and work put in by students in creating those dissertations and submission material is going for a toss. There should be substantiality in the dissertation. One should face the dissertation issue head on, and there should be no loose ends. Your methodology should be useful, and not have poor selection. The language level should be ideal. It should not be work that is only rewriting, the addition of new books, and subject material, and your grammar should be sound and spelling good.Guidance by PhD Expert

A lot of companies hire day to day writers in the content writing domain or those people who we can refer to as academic writers who wish to write Ph.D. thesis and dissertations. These students cannot take doubts from those writers who do not have Ph.D. level education, and whose knowledge of subjects remains unknown. These people who write Ph.D. thesis and other material should be Ph.D. holders themselves, and it is preferable that they be Ph.D. professors. The work should register with the doctorate holders. These case studies should reflect the level of education of the student who is the concerned person.

In today’s day and age when technological advancement is at its peak, students apply for getting dissertations written by professionals over the internet, and when the companies receive such applications they prepare their writer to send the students a copy of their writing work, but these content people and staff are not well qualified to solve student problems, and thus the writing work gets stalled indefinitely. Any alternative degree of the doctorate holder should also be taken into the picture.

When we are to speak about the Ph.D. dissertation writing work, it is preferred if the student gets to take counseling of a Ph.D. holder professor himself or herself. That is because the student should have a thorough knowledge of the subject, and the mentor is someone who can be a guide or mentor for the said student and someone who has adequate means of teaching the student.

When it comes to content writing, one should prefer some academic writer who is a Ph.D. holder and not someone who is just a content developer. A content developer should make sure that he or she is getting his or her work appropriately edited or else he would lose out on essential points. The staff that makes for the said content writing company should be exceedingly qualified, and seasoned. Due diligence is required. Clear guidance should come into the picture.

Benefits of choosing a PhD holder for Academic consultancy

A Ph.D. professor should tend only expert advice, and support along with other kinds of aid which the students require for dissertation writing services. The Ph.D. holder should know how to supervise, and should not be at the same level as the other writers. Researchers need to study thoroughly, and not write what is called ‘fluff’ in drafting the language.

If a Ph.D. person has good experience in the subject area, it becomes a good thing for the aspirant as the ratio/ chances/scope of a dissertation being rejected becomes low. He works with the students in a manner that there is no experience of a failure, and on the whole fear of failure stays away, and work accepted in the first chance, and the situation of submission from time to time does not arise.

There are no means by which one can say that the dissertation is good or successful. Writing should mean that the writer produces a resume and thesis which is fail-proof. Writing that makes sense is writing that flows as simple as thoughts. The main crux point of the essay should shine through. That is because one would not want to sit for the exam again or fail at the module. Overall, writing a good thesis should not be a challenge. It needs a proper format, argumentation, proofreading and necessary paragraphs. The outline should be one’s first step.

how to write a thesis statement

Get to about “how to write a thesis statement”

What is the meaning of a thesis statement?

All of us somehow subconsciously start looking quick and fast in an article for 1-2 sentences and towards shortening of the statement or discussion that ensues. We may name that statement condensation as a dissertation line or thesis statement. While reading the article further you will get to know why it is important to know about how to write a thesis statement.

Why should one’s document have a dissertation or thesis statement?

  • To learn about the ideas by purifying them into a statement or two.
  • For nicely understand and create the statement.
  • While handing over the document to the person who is reading, a statement about your argument.

Overall, the dissertation statement would carry forward the goals and posts if one thinks of the dissertation as the reply to the question which your study reflects.

How can you come up with a nice dissertation line?

How can you come up with a nice dissertation line

Here are some useful lines to get working. One can find two options. The first idea is to scroll forward or the second idea is to choose a key associated with a particular topic.

How to come up with a dissertation topic if the subject is assigned

Overall, all work no matter how complicated can be singled down to a simple question. The first idea is to filter the work into a specific question statement. For instance, if the thesis is,  “Write a dissertation report to the nearby school authority board while at the same time narrating the certain advantages of applicability of desktops and laptops in a fourth grader’s class.”

Once a question has been chosen, it is the dissertation which would answer the question.

  1. ” What are the seeming advantages of using laptops and desktops in a fourth grader’s class?
  2. ” The seeming benefits of using desktops and laptops in a fourth grader’s classroom are ….”


  1. ” Using desktops and laptops in a fourth-grade classroom promise to better….”

The solution to this question is the dissertation report summary of the article.

How to create a dissertation statement if the subject of your assignment is not given

Even if your dissertation does not recall a specific question, your article states are still there to answer about the dilemma you would like to think of.

how to prepare a thesis statement outline

In this scenario, the work of the writer is to assess what question you would like to talk about.

An excellent dissertation logical statement would have imbibed four sets of logic:

  • Take a stand on the subject concerned which reasonable people would disagree about.
  • Handle the core subject that can be sufficiently considered equal given the matter concerned.
  • Talk about one central theme
  • Talk about one’s conclusions on a theme.

So we hope you got all the relevant information about how to write a thesis statement for your thesis or research paper.

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how to write a thesis statement

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